2 bedroom apartments (19)

ID: 306Sobornaya Sq. apt
Address: Sobornaya Sq
Spacious apartment (120 sq. M.) In 2 tiers consists of a living room-studio, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi, the other with a shower). The living room has a large loggia overlooking the courtyard. Some of the windows overlook Cathedral Square, some - into the courtyard. ... view details
ID: BABYLON - V.I.P.2-bedroom VIP apartment
Address: Sadovaya/Deribasovskaya V.I.P. Booking Calendar is available at this page.
ID: 301 - VIP
Address: Deribasovskaya str. #9
A luxurious amazing apartment of 160 square meters consists of a huge hall living room (74 square meters) and 2 bedrooms (17 and 30m). The entrance to the smaller bedroom is from the hall near the apartment entrance and the way to the bigger bedroom is from the hall living room. There is a kitchen of 5 square meters. There are two bathrooms: one is near the entrance hall and it has a shower unit, ... view details
ID: 320
Address: Preobrazhenskaya str. #24
Very new and clean apartment, total renovation just finished in August 2005. Totally 65 sq.m (590 sq.ft). Living room 25 m2, fold out sofa, armchair, 72" TV set with satellite (75 channels), home cinema. 2 furnished bedrooms with Queen size bed each and a fold out sofa at the living room. Big bathroom, corner bath. Central heating system (from to October to April), autonomous water supply. Mi ... view details
ID: 324
Address: Deribasovskaya str. #10
Apartment for those who appreciate luxury interiors. Gobelin applique' work, gilding, expensive furniture, fantastic highlights, red and green bedrooms, large oval table in the eating room, fireplace and much more. 3 air conditioners, 3 TV sets. ... view details
ID: 337
Address: Bunina str. #25
This spacious apartment of the total area 110 sq meters has two large bedrooms with King size beds at each room, large studio with the fully equipped kitchen, nice glass dining table with chairs, modern pull out couch and athe arm chair. The total renovation was finished by summer 2012 and apartment was equipped with all thye new and modern funitire and electronics (see the full list below). There ... view details
ID: 305
Address: Zhukovskogo str. #10
A classy 2-bedroom apartment situated in the very center, which is very convenient for travelers to stay in. It consists of 2 separate bedrooms and a studio living room. An individual stylish design will joy its guests by the comfort and interior beauty. A comfortable studio living room perfectly combines leisure area with the kitchen area. From the living room there is a balcony overlooking Polsk ... view details
ID: 309/RThe corner of Deribasovskaya and Ekaterininskaya
Address: Ekaterininskaya str. #17
The apartment consists of a studio living room/kitchen with a pull out sofa and equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms with separate entrances from the hall each having a queen size bed, and a bathroom with a shower unit.

The kitchen area has a dining table with everything necessary for preparing a tasty dinner.

The apartment has been recently renovated. There is an air conditi ... view details
ID: 307/R
Address: Deribasovskaya str. #10
This spacious apartment with a total area of 80 sq m consists of 3 rooms: 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. In the living room there is a large fold-out sofa, in both bedrooms there are a Queen size beds. ... view details
ID: 357
Address: Sadovaya str. #16.
This spacious luxury apartment with the high ceiling of 4 meters (13 feet) has 110 sq meters (around 1200 sq feet). Living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and 3 bathrooms (2 full bathrooms and 1 just toilet). Living room with the pull out couch, one bedroom (you enter it from the living room), toilet and the bathroom with the corner bath tub are down stairs. You'll find the second bedroom and the b ... view details
ID: 345Apartment near market PRIVOZ
Address: Panteleymonovskaya str. 88
This spacious apartment of the total area 80 sq meters (860 sq feet) has a large living room - studio 27 sq meters (290 sq feet) and two bedrooms. The entrances into bedrooms are from the living room. There is a Queen size bed at one bedroom and easy folding sofas at the other bedroom and at the living room. These safeas both make a nice Queen size beds very easy, just one move of the hand. The bu ... view details
ID: 358/R
Address: Sadovaya str. #16.
This spacious apartment of the total area 120 sq merters (1300 sq feet) has 3 rooms: living room - studio and 2 spacious bedrooms, both with King size beds. The living room has a nice pull out couch that easy makes a nice Queen size bed. All 3 rooms are completely saperated, i.e. the entrances into each room and into the bathroom are from the hall. It means that if 3 men or even 3 couples stay at ... view details
ID: 354/R
Address: Deribasovskaya str. #10
This a new and excellent quality apartment has 3 separated rooms: living room with the easy pull out couch and 2 bedrooms with the Queen size bed each, kitchen and bathroom with the show cabin. All furniture and accesories are of a highest quality, they are comfortable and pleasant. The hot water is providing by the own gas heater. ... view details
ID: 3742 bedrooms apt near the new Church
Address: Very Kholodnoy Sq. #1
2-bedroom apartment with a recently made total renovation - March 2013. The apartment is spacious, about 96 square meters and has 2 separate bedrooms 15 square meters each and a studio living room of 20 square meters. The courtyard is nice. There is an extraordinary interior design, rich modern furniture. The apartment is nice and homey. ... view details
ID: 310Nearby the Primorskiy Boulevard
Address: Pushkinskaya str. #8
A new recently renovated modern apartment of 90 square meters is very spacious, light and cozy.

A large studio living room with a pull out sofa and kitchen dining area which is equipped with all necessary household appliances ( see the list below) and necessary utensils. The living room has a pull out sofa set. There are queen size beds in the bedrooms.
On the photo you can ... view details
ID: 328
Address: Pushkinskaya str. #83
This apartment consists of a spacious studio living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom with a bath and build-in shower. One bedroom has a round queen size bed; the other has a pull out sofa. There is a pull sofa in the living room too. So there could be 6 comfortable sleeping places.
The kitchen of this apartment is equipped with all necessary household appliances for you to prepare a deliciou ... view details
ID: 350
Address: Rishelievskaya str. # 12.
A spacious 80 square meters apartment consists of a living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The living room has 2 sofas and armchairs; both bedrooms have modern queen size beds. The kitchen is separate and has all necessary household appliances. The bathroom has an acryl bathtub, a washbasin and a flush toilet. ... view details
ID: 335/R
Address: Ekaterininskaya str. #5
This apartment of the total area 80 sq meters has 3 absolutely separated rooms: living room with the nice pull out couch and 2 bedrooms with Queen size bed each. The entrances into each of 3 rooms are from the hall, i.e. 3 persons and up to even 3 couples may have a good privacy when staying alltogether. There is electric fireplace at the living room there. The full set of home equipment is listed ... view details
ID: 326
Address: Ekaterininskaya str. #18
Three rooms/two bedroom nice apartment with perfect location on 18 Ekaterininskaya Street. Apartment is on the ground floor, there are two small (10 sq m ) bedrooms, one bedroom with queen size bed and another one with foldout sofa. Living room with nice new fold out sofa and fold out armchair, big screen LCD TV set. Spacious bathroom has standard bathtub, washing basin, toilet. Apartment is fitte ... view details