Personal tour

Many our guests come to Odessa to meet a nice beautiful lady for the serious lifelong relationship. At this case it would be convenient to consider a Personal Tour package.

We affiliate with the “Odessa Women” International Marriage agency that is located at the same office with “Odessa Apartments”. There are around 200 women of different ages at their Catalogs.

Combination of our services would make a great opportunity to be taken care of all needs of such our customers who come for a visit for this exactly goal.

Take a look at the “Odessa Women” Catalogs. If you see a few ladies that would make you interested in meeting them in person, take the Personal Tour to Odessa wth us.

The Personal Tour package includes the following actions:

  1. We’ll translate and pass your introduction letter to all girls that you select when preparing for the visit;
  2. We’ll translate and send you their replies (1 for each lady);
  3. You’ll be met at the airport and taken into apartment;
  4. We’ll book a nice accommodation (Standard or LUXURY apartment at the city center);
  5. A personal assistent will schedule your time, arrange meetings with ladies, help you with any information you may need;
  6. You’ll be introduced in person to as many ladies as you would like to;
  7. A driver will take you to the airport at the departure day.

Additional services such as translation while meeting the lady, transportation around Odessa or to the other city, mobile phone rent, etc., are always available for the additional fee.

We offer two types of TOURS:

• Standard class TOUR (includes 1 bedroom apartment of the standard class) - $ 125.00/day.
• Premium class TOUR (includes LUXURY apartment) - $ 160.00/day.

Samples of the apartments for Standard class Tour:

Samples of the LUXURY apartments for the Premium class Tour:

The minimal duration of the Personal Tour is 4 days.

Let’s count how much would a customer pay if he takes 6 days the Personal Tour and if he pays for each service separately.

6 days Standard Class Tour6 days Premium Class TourSeparately ordering services
$125.00 * 6 $160.00 * 6 airport pick up $ 20.00
apartment rent $550.00
meeting 15 ladies $660.00
airport drop off $ 20.00
$750.00 $900.00 Total: $1250.00

So, you save at least $ 500.00 if you buy a Standard Personal Tour and $ 350.00 if you buy the Premium Personal tour

The longer the visit – the bigger the saving amount.