Payment options

Deposit is required for booking apartment. The Balance has to be paid on the arrival and check in. 
Deposit can be sent by any of a few ways.

VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted for the on-line booking

The on-line payments go through the secure server of the Ukrainain Processing center.
At the case of any the difficulties to process payments, please, contact us.

We can charge your card manually at our office terminal. To use this way of payment we would need the card number and expiration date. For better security it can be providing either on the phone or with a few e-mails, part by part.
As soon as we confirm availability of the selected apartment, you’ll receive links for payments to your e-mail address. 

At the case of the successful transaction you get the sign “Your order is paid” at your screen and accordingly to the working hours the “Booking Confirmation” message will be sent to you as well.

IMPORTANT: Double charge of the same order is IMPOSSIBLE.

Sometimes the customer is not sure if the payment got through. At this case he can try to place payment once again.
The customer won't be charged for the same order twice. He'll get the information at the screen "This order is already PAID" at the case the payment got through during the previous attempt.

Western Union transfer

The deposit can be sent through Western Union or Money Gram companies. It can be done either at the local offices of these companies or at their sites. The receiver’s name for sending deposit is:  Natalia Varetskaya, Odessa, Ukraine.

Please, provide us the control code of the transfer after the funds are sent. We’ll e-mail you the Booking Confirmation message as soon as deposit is sent.

Bank wire transfer

This way to place deposit is reasonable to use if you try to book apartment far in advance before the arrival date. As it takes a while for funds to get to our bank account, the few days that it takes can change the apartment availability. It can be booked by some one else as apartment is available for booking by any customer unless deposit is placed by any person.