Booking terms and conditions


Online Booking Procedure

  1. Select apartment that looks acceptable to you. You could either search through the site or use our Search Engine. Place all your requirements that are most important for you.
  2. Fill the Booking form for the selected apartment(s). Please, make sure you placed correct e-mail address! We won’t be able to answer you if there is any mistyping there.
  3. We’ll answer you with links for placing deposit. Please, pay deposit ASAP after receiving this message. Remember, that unless apartment is not booked yet, any other customer can take it any time. So, if there are a day or more between receiving links and your payment, you should check availability of that apartment again before placing deposit.
  4. As soon as deposit is placed, we’ll send you the Booking Confirmation message with all details about apartment; check in, further payments, etc


Booking Rates and payments

  1. Prices for the daily rent vary during the year.  The lowest prices are normally from November until March-April (except the Christmas period). Prices arise part-by-part for May and then more for June. They are maximal in July and August. Prices may go a little down in September and more down again in November. Prices given at the web site are for the CURRENT month(s).
  2. Deposit amount is counting automatically as 15% of the total fee for the whole period of  stay. However it can’t be less than 1 night fee. So, the minimal possible deposit is 1 night fee.
  3. Deposit that is paid in advance when booking apartment, then it will be deducted of the total fee.
  4. Deposit is non-refundable.
  5. The Balance should be paid on the check-in in CASH. We make all the calculation in USD, but also accept Ukrainian Hryvnyas, USD or Euros.  Re-calculation to another currency is made due to the official rates for the arrival day.


Booking Terms

  1. To get apartment for 1-2 nights only, please, just come to our office on the arrival and we’ll definitely offer a few apartments that are available at that moment. We ALWAYS have a few available apartments, except maybe, August and the last week of December.
  2. Book apartment for 3-4 nights 2 weeks in advance the earliest.
  3. Book apartment for 5-6 nights a month before arrival the earliest.
  4. Book apartment for 7 and more nights 2 months before arrival the earliest.
  5. Too early booking may cause cancellation both from your side and from our side as well. Land Lord’s plans as to renting apartments may change on the long-term view and we can’t guarantee that ordered apartment is still for rent in 2-3 or more months.


Check in & Check Out

Check in time is 14:00 or any time after that.

Check out time is 12:00 or any time before noon.

If you would like to stay a few hours longer or would like to check in a few hours before 14:00, please, contact us and we’ll see if there is a possibility to do so and if any additional payment is required.


Cancellation policy

We count for the mutual commitment when placing reservation. When booking apartment we guarantee the customer its availability for the whole period of stay and we refuse all other potential clients who are also interested in renting a certain apartment. On the other hand we strongly encourage you to plan your trip carefully before booking an apartment.

If you cancel booking at least a month before arrival, then deposit can be refunded, we just keep 10% of the deposit as a kind of penalty.

If you cancel booking a month or less term before arrival, then deposit is non refundable.


Changing the dates of the visit

If you decided to move the original dates of your visit AFTER apartment had been booked:

  • Paid deposit can be used for the new booking of the same apartment if you inform us about the dates change at least 3 weeks before the original arrival date;
  • If this apartment is available for the new dates, but you inform us about the postponing your visit less than 3 weeks before arrival date, you should book this apartment from the very beginning, i.e. to place deposit again;
  • If apartment that was originally booked is not available for the new dates, please, select another apartment for the new booking. At this case the previously paid deposit can’t be used for the new booking of a new apartment. New deposit has to be placed.


Leaving earlier of the planned date

If the customer’s plans have changed during the visit and he decided to leave a few days earlier than planned, no refund for the unused nights is possible.