Odessa Beaches

As any seaside city, Odessa is famous for its beaches. They’re a lot of them and, in fact, the coastal line from Langeron to Bolshoi Fountain represent itself an endless city beach. Among them we can mark following well-organized and beautified beaches:

This is the oldest beach in Odessa. In the 19th century a summerhouse of the famous general-governor of the Novorossiyskyy region count Langeron was situated in this picturesque area. Many famous people visited this place being guests of Langeron. By the count Lanzheron’s will his summerhouse fall to the city property. And there was a public beach established. Unfortunately, the summerhouse has not been preserved. The territory was much influenced by the landslides and during last 200 years a big part of the area has slid to the sea. The only reminder of Langeron estate is the arch, which is still standing at the entrance of the beach territory. The beach starts almost right after the seaport border. Here, you can see the same name cape Langeron. . To the left of the cape there is a port territory. To the right you can see the line of beaches and the recreation area. They say, there was railways all the way long the beaches. Since those times only the names of stations have left. Now we have tramway there.


«Otrada Beach»
The beach is situated now on the former villa territory of a Greek merchant Halaidzhoguelu and it had name “Villa Otrada”. Now, it is one of the central beaches of the city. You can reach the beach walking down from the Franzuskyy Boulevard along the Asarov Avenue. One of the sightseeing of Otrada beach is the funicular railway. You can take ride in a small nostalgic carriage for only 10 hryvnias. One descent or rising up takes about 5 minutes. On the beach area there is the same name restaurant “Villa Otrada” and Otrada beach Club with green lawns and a swimming pool within a closed territory. To the right of the beach you can see a Yacht club where you can rent a boat or a yacht for a sea voyage.


«Dolphin Beach»
The beach is a youth beach of Odessa. It is very popular among students as there are many student hostels close to this area. All summer, all days long students are preparing for their examinations or re-examinations on the sea coast getting a nice tan at the same time. The infrastructure is well developed. A cozy approach to the beach, parking. There I a lift on the Magnolia beach territory and it helps to come upstairs if you do not want to walk up be the stairs after relaxing under a hot sun rays. So you can come up through a tunnel to the lift. There isn’t any wonder like that on any other beach of Odessa.


«Arcadia Beach»
This beach is the most lively, noisy and most beautified beach, which is situated in the western part of the Odessa. In the beginning of 20th century an enterprising Odessa businessman built a luxurious restaurant on piles. The restaurant became popular among the rich people. The name of it was “Arcadia” and the same name was given to a small beach close to the restaurant. Now Arcadia is not only a beach name but also it is a part of the city.  Many hotels, sanatoriums are situated in this part of the city. A lively alley surrounded with various cafes, park amusements, and sales outlets leads you to the sea. Here you can find also the most popular residences of summer nightclubs. Life here is full of swing all days long.

“Golden youth» of Odessa and Kiev live in Arcadia the whole summer. Here you can find everything for your holidays to become unforgettable: clean golden sand, tender sea, music for any taste and cooking of the entire world.


«Zolotoy Bereg Beach»
It is one of two natural sand beaches of our city coast. It is covered with really golden sand, but some people say that the name of the beach is bound with another event: they say that in 1811 during a heavy storm a big Turkish “merchant” was thrown onto the beach. After that, Odessa was full of rumors that “the merchant” was carrying a pretty big amount of gold in coins. And that was the time when Odessa went through a real “gold rush”. The entire beach was dig over. The gold was found! But only several coins per one gold digger. They laughed at themselves Odessa inhabitants began to call this beach “Zolotoy bereg”